Asus X51H motherboard layout

By uzbuk
Aug 11, 2011
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  1. hello mates
    i do not know which SSD i could buy, or whether it will support the latest SSD or not; i wasted 30 dollars to buy a 2 GB RAM to find out that the maximum capacity of this motherboard is 2 GB (that i already have). i am also having problem with installing wireless card. to explore the full potential of my Asus X51H laptop, i think i should study its motherboard.
    can anyone help me with the technical information about this particular model?
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    I think the hard drive is a SATA drive, so any SSD SATA (most if not all SSD drives are SATA) notebook drive will work. When you say "i am also having problem with installing wireless card" What OS are you running XP or Vista? Are you talking about the GE780 wireless driver or Bluetooth drivers?
  3. uzbuk

    uzbuk TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i am an XP guy. i could not find drivers for any of my devices for Win 7. so idecided to switch back to XP.
    i am hopeful that the new SSDs will be compatible.
    it would be nice if u could name a software that will give TRIM support in XP platform.

    i could solve the wireless network issue with the tips from the network card seller. it appears that the notebook manufacturer somehow switches off the ability of a motherboard to switch ON the wireless card in a notebook that did not have one in the first place. i had to cover a pin of the card with scotch tape that was being used to play the switching game. in fact almost all the manufacturers do this trick to prevent an unauthorized (to rob you off with service charge) upgrading of the machine. i have installed the intel Pro 3945BG wireless card. however, the windows wireless manager can not see any wireless network. i downloaded the intel wireless manager software. i have to use that software for wireless network connection. i guess it is worth the pain.

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