AT&T rushes to install fiber after 90-year-old's WSJ open letter goes viral


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Shocking, to say the least. United States of America. The self-proclaimed world's greatest country still has only 3MBps speed, and that too in the advanced state of CA.??? Absolutely shocking.

Those people who call us "3rd-world country people" in South East Asia already have much better speeds even on the mountains and villages.

This message is not to demean a country in retribution, but meant at AT&T's (and other similar companies) lackluster attitude in providing the best service for all.
There's more to it that people don't understand. The highest speed available at my home is 10mb. Literally 1500 feet down the road, you can get gigabit. My isp will not continue that fiber run until further development occurs because when it does happen, their lines will be damaged or need to be relocated. I'm the only person I know that can only get 10mb, and I know lots of people in rural areas. In the states.


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This is what happens when you privatise infrastructure like power, phone and water and allow companies to make restrictive deals disallowing competition the DOJ was all in for microsoft because of an included browser but hasn't done a damn thing about the likes of the anti competitive behaviour of telco's

peter p

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What a ridiculous statement, the ten thousand dollars he paid was "worth every cent"? For an interview with Steven Colbert and an increase to 300 speed? You can buy1,000 speed for an extra dollar a day, $365 for an entire year. As for Colbert, who cares, and is it worth ten grand?


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Don't be too proud of yourself because, well, let's see... The telephone was invented in Canada by someone who is Scottish-born (so UK) which formed the original backbone framework for the internet. That means the UK and Canada both had a hand in the creation of internet because the telephone and telegraph were every bit as revolutionary then as the internet is now. They literally changed the world.

Without those innovations first, there would be no internet today. You Americans really need to start paying attention in history class.
Naught to do with being proud, which we are, but all to do with facts. Both Samuel F.B. Morse and Alexander Graham Bell invented their communication devices in the US - Morse demonstrated between Washington DC and Baltimore, and Bell in Boston. True that others worked on the principles and that work was a foundation, but that is true of all inventions.
As for paying attention to History, I teach the History of Technology. Your Avro Arrow is a lecture I give. Avro and Canada were wronged by the US DoD when the project was killed, so I admire your username. Elsewise, you are simply wrong.