ATHLON 1800 freezing games!!!

By blokeyknockers
Feb 8, 2006
  1. I'v got an AMD ATHLON 1800, 1024 DDR Kingston RAM, Geforce fx5200 with 128mb and a sound blaster live 24bit running on a K7S5A mother board with 300W PSU. The problem is that games freeze after about 2 mins if i run the cpu at 1533 mhz. I've only had the problem since reinstalling windows XP home. When i drop the speed to the minimum 1150mhz all is fine. CPU temp is 58 degrees C when it freezes but that shouldn't be a problem should it? Any ideas what i can do? Is it possible to remove Windows Service pack 2? I didn't have it before all the problems started. Thanks for any help anyone can give.
  2. Cartz

    Cartz TS Rookie Posts: 82

    Clean your heatsinks, that temp shouldn't be a problem, but dropping the clock increasing stability is definately a sign that something is amiss. I would start by making sure that your cooling solution was working as well as it was before.
  3. blokeyknockers

    blokeyknockers TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Done and done. Seems to be working fine now. I tried cleaning them before but didn't remove the fan first. There was loads of dust all over them. Cheers dude.
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