ati 9600 giving me headache

By ratty
Jul 31, 2004
  1. hi
    here's my problem
    ive got a asus radeon 9600 xt when i load the drivers for this card on my nforce3 mobo the screen goes black and hangs my this a compatiblity issue with ati and nvidia or are the latest drivers from ati no so hot any help would be greatfull

    p.s my system has all the latest drivers avilable
  2. upallnightoo

    upallnightoo TS Rookie Posts: 17

    re problem

    I was well aware after my extensive research, here and elsewhere, that the Radeon series of cards has some issues with games and certain motherboards. I however discovered an article discussing this, and they concluded that DirectX was the culprit. Some artifacts remain when you change video cards, and some portions get corrupted. The article pointed to DirectX Buster, which basically removes DirectX from your system. This indeed is what resolved most of my problems.

    This is the procedure I have used after downloading DirectX Buster and installing it on my system. NOTE: several reboots required.

    Booted to Safe Mode (press F8 during Win2K boot)

    Removed Catalyst Drivers

    Ran DirectX Buster and removed DirectX

    Removed monitor driver

    Reinstalled my AGP device (My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware -> Device Manager, find and delete AGP device in "System", Action -> Scan for hardware changes, AGP device reinstalls)

    Installed monitor driver

    Installed DirectX

    Installed Catalyst driver

    Normal reboot
  3. ratty

    ratty Banned Topic Starter

    thx for that info m8 i shall let you know how i get on
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