ATI ASUS 9800pro 256Mb power drain

By xstayxtruex
Oct 31, 2007
  1. I had a pretty crappy 128mb Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 AGP with a dinky heatsink and no fan. So I figured it was time for a replacement. My friend just won $3000 playing GTR2 at a competition in Texas so he built a new system, and eventually ended up giving me his old graphics card. I replaced it, rebooted, downloaded the needed drivers and the catalyst program, the following reboot i found that my case's side LED fan was flickering. I ran Everest to make sure everything was in the norm..and it wasn't. My +5V and +3.3V leads were right on, but for some reason my -12V was around -13.5V, my -5V was around -5.3V, and my +12V was down to about +11.5V.

    If anyone could help with this diagnostic problem, it would be great.

    Maybe a new psu would help? I'm pretty convinced that 480W can handle what i've got. I've already figured the usage with an online psu calculator and I'm only pulling about 330W +/- a couple i guess.

    I'm running:

    AMD Athlon 64x 3000+ OC'ed to 2.3Ghz
    Samsung 120Gb 7200 RPM Ultra ATA
    Western Digital 30Gb
    MSI K8T8 MS 6741 MOBO with VIA chipsets
    Axio 480W single rail PSU
    and the ATI ASUS 9800pro
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