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ATI Catalyst drivers 3.6

By Julio Franco
Jul 15, 2003
  1. ATI has released a new version of Catalyst drivers (v3.6) that support the entire range of Radeon line of boards, among some of the game-related fixes:

    * Switching to the program Second Life using the ALT-Tab command no longer results in the system not responding or looping indefinitely
    * Running the demo game Lord of the Realms 3 under Windows XP with a RADEOIN 9000 series card installed no longer results in the system not responding when a 3 stage effect is used
    * The game Unreal Tournament 2003 no longer hangs when loading the CTF-December level
    * The geometry flashing throughout the background of Second Life is now resolved
    * Flickering and display corruption in the game NeverWinter Nights is now resolved
  2. iss

    iss TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,994

    Well I got the new drivers and installed them and they are fine no problems so far. in fact the new drivers seems to have fixed the one problem I have had with my 9500 pro. that being image corruption during the boot up. never happened in windows or in any game just during the boot up screens. but the new drivers seems to have fixed that.

    no performance increase or descrease. but I do notice a sharper image quality but I am not sure that is becasue of the drivers or becasue I used driver cleaner 1.9 and used both the cab and driver cleaners before installing the new drivers.
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