ATI Radeon 9550 Problems! PLEASE HELP!

By SIK-Skater
Dec 28, 2004
  1. Hey whoever is reading this. Today I bought an ATI Radeon 256mb DDR card from Comp USA. I get it home and I uninstalled my 3DForce 4 drivers and turned the computer off. I then installed the ATI card and booted up and all seemed to be fine for a while, I got the drivers on and all but then it decided to give me the BSOD! Ever since then it has given me nothing but problems. I have reinstalled Windows a total of 5 times today! I got the card home at 4:30pm and I just now decided to give up on it (2:26am)... I'm running Windows XP Pro with an AMD XP 2400+ processor running at 1.5mhz, I have 256mb DDR ram installed, and my mobo is an ASUS A7V600. If anyone can offer any help on this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    -Patrick D
  2. lukeyboy2k6

    lukeyboy2k6 TS Rookie

    Stoopid Card

    Hey Dude Ive Had The Exact Same Problem But I Found That Running Windows 2000 Is Best To Run The Damn Thing As It Is More Stable With The Drivers Than Xp.
    Hope You Have Windows 2000 Cos Ifnot You Are Probably Stuck Mate.
  3. paul619

    paul619 TS Rookie

    also having a problem with that card

    hey im also having a problem with tht card but its not the driver its the TV out part i plug it into the tv then i use catalyst control center to clone it with the desktop display (im assuming im doing this right) and then the tv just flickers randomly and u can see parts of the desktop in green red ect its never a full image kinda like the tv is messed up im wondering if im not setting this up right or is my tv just messed?

    any help wud be apreciated

  4. Mugsy

    Mugsy TS Guru Posts: 421   +24

    I had the 128M version. Ran just fine w/o problem. No thanks to ATI. Their Driver installation procedure is beyond bad.

    99% of the time, BSOD's are the result of a bad driver and/or DMA/IRQ conflict.

    Boot into Safe Mode. If the computer doesn't crash, you know the problem is software and not hardware related.

    Now for the bad part: ATI's driver removal program (IIRC) won't run in Safe Mode. Nor will the Software Uninstall Wizard. Go into the Device Manager and "Uninstall" the card. When you reboot normally and Windows Detects new hardware, DON'T use the Wizard. Cancel and run ATI's Catalyst uninstall program. Then go into the Device Manager and "uninstall" the Device that didn't install.

    Reboot, and when the New Hardware Wizard detects the card, search the ATI CD for each requested driver. When complete, install the ATI software manually to complete the installation.

    This should give you a clean install.
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