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Audio conversation problem in m$ messenger

By traragorn
Sep 19, 2003
  1. First of all, i would like to thank techspot crew for such a great site ; it informs me everyday; one of top sites today with some others.

    This is my first post in the forum; I didn't even noticed there was a forum before :)Today after reading this networking article at the last page the editor talks about this forum and I found here.

    I have a great problem that I cannot nor many of friends can solve.In our apartment we bought a ADSL connection and sharing it with D-Link DSL-500G modem and a router which brand I cant remember now.There are 4 flats sharing one connection (means one IP too) to surf the net visa versa.

    Everything was good till we found out neither of us can make an audio conversation over MS Messenger 6 (we tried older versions 4.6 , 5.x as well).It doesnt matter which one tries to start it us or the person on the other side.It tries to connect to for example my computer or his computer and a few moments later it gives connection cannot established error.We can make webcam (only video) conversations by the way.

    Some said this is because in our network/our pc's there is a firewall and it interrupts the connection ; we closed all and be sure there is no firewall anywhere on the whole network.There is no firewall on the modem too.We also tried connecting one of the PC's directly to the net with the modem; there was no network in that one;net works but the same audio problem again.

    We also can use p2p aps without any problems only edonkey/ emule gives lowid error (it was giving it when I was on dial-up too).We can play all the multiplayer games as well over the net and in the lan.And WE CAN MAKE AUDIO CON. INSIDE THE LAN.Yes,we can establish the connection with the messenger and can talk to each other,but not outside the lan :(

    Lastly I learned stg. about NAT and checked -not %100 sure,but everywhere our dsl modem seems to have Upnp NAT.So that is not the problem either.

    I gived all the info I can figure out,now asking you ; Is there a solution for this kind of situation ? Anyone can clarify that our modem's nat is Upnp ?(by the way we tried this in both win98 and winxp non of them worked)And why there are some progz. such as paltalk we can make it but not in messenger ; I say i really in need of messenger audio conversation and can make without it;however my neighbours all wants this feature.

    Too much talk ; please help .

  2. mcjoe

    mcjoe TS Rookie


    hey!! Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll msn audio dosn't work with mine either bt skype works, go on google and search for it noooow! IT works everytime and is beta quitilty. SEEYAAZ
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