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AVG In Safe Mode moved to "Vault" Is my PC Clean now?

By heinekenpimp
May 3, 2009
  1. here's my dilemma.
    i took my pc to some tech pros and they told me i would have to 1. up the system memory from 512 mb ddr to 1 gb obviously, because it was running too slow. and 2. i had a few viruses like about 5 or 6 and they recommended a full scan and new anti virus/spyware software. well this would pretty much cost me more than buying a new system and just transferring everything over from the old one. ok what i want to know is what is this @#$% system telling me.
    The problems i'm having are sometimes i'm on google and ot redirects me. another problem, the major one, is that my computer freezes. It could be the low Ram memory, it could be teh viruses, i dont know. it could be both. but what i do know is. Every #@$% time i try and run a virus scan it freezes up halfway through it or near the beginning. I have Trend micro on my system. and Webroot spysweeper.(both are expired by the way, which is probably why i have these probs to begin with.) i set it up to do a scan and - nothing. freezes. tyy again, Freezes. try again. freeze. i lost track of how many times. one time it found some infected files and it said somthing like "file not quarantined and not cleaned succesfully", so what the heck does that mean. My comp is still infected? so i try another AV/AS. nothing. still freezes. i tried AVG. kaspersky. trend housecall. panda. nothing on the Free AV/AS. i think bitdefender was the only success scan. and all it gave me was a log and it reported it to bitdefender.com but that's it...i still had the virus so i said you know what let me try AVG again..but this time in Safe Mode. i had removed Trend and just used AVG in Safe mode and after about 3 hours or so, It had found various infected files. Complete with names locations and everything . I Couldn't Believe IT! Had i gotten rid of them all. A total of about 17 files in all..not the original 5 or 6 thought by the tech professionals at a retail giant.
    Now then here's my current situ- AVG, in safe mode, 17 viruses and infected files, BUT ...AVG says files were moved to the "Virus Vault." Am I Still Infected??
    That's where i stand now. sorry for the loooooooong post but i need help Big Time. Please anything would help. i've added the bitdefender log and the AVG logs along with my system specs.
    Thanks a million TechSpotters.
    DDR- aka heinekenpimp
  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 12,541   +2,326

    It Might Be Time For a "Do-Over"........

    If I were at the point that you seem to be, I would just reformat the HDD and reinstall Windows. You could then build your own security suite from readily available free software.

    Twenty bucks or so for the extra 1/2 gig of RAM, and you're there, right where you need to be..

    So, in the meantime you can work on your excuse for not wanting to do that. "I never backed anything up". "I lost my Windows disc", is another good "reason". "The copy of Windows I have is a crack".

    I suppose I'm being a smart-a**, but sometimes when the situation gets to a point such as you're describing, that's the best solution, and you might just have to get your head around it.
  3. hellokitty[hk]

    hellokitty[hk] Hello, nice to meet you! Posts: 3,448   +145

    You could be, but probably not.
    Also, it is best if you have just a single antivirus to avoid conflictions, at techspot, people are recommending Avira and AVG, both the latest versions.

    Now if you read the 8 steps, there is some useful infromation, including the logs you should post here, the three recommended are a hijackthis log, very easy, I recommend posting one of those up. Following the 8 steps could be good too, and I wouldn't have anything important on that computer.
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