Back online but now with insane video slowdown / cpu use.

By Tanion
Jul 17, 2006
  1. Hi I am back. I managed to fix the problem, it was the motherboard that was slowly dying and the hard-drive complety got corrupted to the point where it doesn't work. Now I got a new mobo/hard drive and slowly installing everything back but now i got problems.

    I can't play any video games. I try to play a game and it supposedly using up 100% of my CPU output! Also whenever I scroll down on web pages/graphic intense stuff it ``lags behind`` causing weird shifts on the screen. I don't know what is up! I am pretty sure I installed the vid drivers correctly because I have CATALSYT control panel [ati] up and running to mess around with the controls. But for some odd reason I am using more CPU resources than I should and this is a fresh boot. What goes on here mates? Thank you again.
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