By Xfactor
Jun 12, 2008
  1. Not sure if this is a Virus or something of the sort, but I'm confident it is, so I felt this was the appropriate forum to post this in. For this could be the Primary Source to my Secondary problems.

    From the Top:

    Just recently I Re-formatted my computer(Windows Xp S2)(*system crash) Realizing I was missing my Sound Driver(*AV'97)(neg) I Reluctantly placed a few CDs into the rom-drive, that I got from my GF father(lives out of area) not knowing exactly what they were,hoping my sound driver would therefore be Installed.

    *I was running trend micro anti-virus, and defraging at the same time in safe-mode. When finished I tried to re-boot into normal, when computer hung-up.

    *NoN conflicting for Ive had this Installed previously.

    1. Logitech 2.2

    Assuming these were safe, I wasnt concerned about a Hardware Conflict, but may presumbably be the culprit of the problems listed below.

    1. Unable to open zipfiles(windows doesnt support this file type etc,xls)
    2. Could not install windows updates. Still cant. Had to install them 1 by 1, through house calls list of vulnerabilities(AKA hot fix?)
    3. Couldnt fully download or install programs, if at all. Also was real slow.
    4. Three times now, when Ive tried to watch (only)(not every time) youtube videos I get the BSOD
    a. Equal or less oxooooooD1, system memory dump, then restarts. (mentions caching and shadowing at bottom of page)
    5. On a couple of occasions, upon re-boot, Ive gotten windows has recovered from a serious error.

    Though I really dont think Im having a hardware conflict(possibly more than 1 cause) What concerns me is what this means in System information>Hardware resources>conflicts/sharing: is a list of about 13 various codes. (not sure if this should be addressed or not)

    Note: I have very few programs installed in my control panel. So resolving a hardware conflict wouldnt be difficult.

    But whats really standing out is this BACK-WEB8876480 w/ a unknown source thats starting up in the "System config utility".
    The folder is in c:/program files>logitech>DesktopManager

    When I uncheck in this in the start-up tab,a) it automatically by default induces selective start-up or b) normal start-up, Then theirs 2 of them, 1 unchecked 1 checked????Then 1 dissappears. Is that normal??

    Las but not least, when I loged-off and loged back on earlier, I got this unusual warning sign(w/red x) LDMConf.exe Application Error, Click OK to terminate process.(so I did)!

    Which lead me to the "Security task Manager"
    BackWeb was on top and in the RED!

    Where did this come from? Is it spyware? Did it come from my logitech installation CD? Should I delete it?Should I uninstall logitech?

    Also Security task manager says:
    3 services and 18 drivers are active and do not belong in the OS. But you must purchase the full version.

    Sould I purchase the full version to correct these problem's(29$)

    PS. Have ran Multiple Antivirus scans to no Avail.

    Also had to download a windows installer to download programs efficiently.

    All-n-All computer runs pretty good!

    Any advice, tips or clues, are Greatly Welcomed.ty.
  2. kimsland

    kimsland Ex-TechSpotter Posts: 14,523

    Yes it looks like spyware

    Format (and remove partition) again, through your Windows Xp CD
    Install Windows clean
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