background audio problem (urgent!!!)

By bobby123
Jun 24, 2006
  1. I've got a video which was made and im tryin to burn it onto disc. The actual video in terms of quality is good and clear. But there is a 'screehing noice' in the background. Is there anyway to get rid of this so the whole video is clear.
  2. zero99

    zero99 TS Rookie

    hi .. im not 100% sure but my iriver mp3 player (just bought) mentions this & refers to the SAMPLE rate. so it may be an idea to recheck the settings of both your original file & the device u are playing back on. If its not compatible with your playback machine u may have to re conf it .. good luck .. russ

    PS .. im not sure if its AVI or DVD u refer to ..
    .. but a program i use called Virtual Dub is good for editing & ive burnt quite a lot of pop videos (albeit SVCD) using my capture card & then cleaning them up in VirtD. It wont handle all files but quite a lot.Their homepage has lots of links to freeware video stuff. worth a look.
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