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By Mo'sin
Jun 16, 2008
  1. Hello,

    I am experiencing almost the exact same problem as Swiss 407 so that thread has been extremely helpful, yet I have been unable to solve the problem due to the unique blend o' crap currently haunting my machine. I am in the process of following the excellent 15-step preliminary removal instructions so I can post a HJT logfile, but ran into a glitch--the explanation of which might be useful to others. After DLing HJT and anti-Malware, I found that neither of the setup/exe files would run on my machine. Even after disabling my usual spyware program (part of the CA security suite) I couldn't get either program to run/setup. SO, I tried renaming the setup/exe files (I changed them to hjs.exe and mbr.exe) and...voila, both setup programs loaded sucessfully. Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere but it stumped me for two hours so I thought I'd mention it. Continuing on through the Valley of Spyware Hell... more soon.

  2. kimsland

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    Fix Windows Installer
    Start-->Run-->C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe /regserver
  3. Mo'sin

    Mo'sin TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the tip. I ran the above script and nothing happened, so I take it my Windows Installer is now fixed (?)

    Having completed the steps outlined in the sticky, I think I am in the clear. My system seems to be back up to speed and all of the popups and bogus security warmings are gone. Here is my HJT logfile if anyone in the know would be so kind as to give it a looksie. Many, many thanks to all for the essential information this site provides!!
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