Backing up onto a DVD+RW question

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Nov 14, 2005
  1. Call me stoopid, but.... do you have to format a DVD+RW to work for windows explorer drag and drop functionality??? or will Windows just not handle that??

    And if you do have to format the disk first....anyone have any suggestions on what program to use...I have a few veriations of Nero, which I have been using to put data on the disk, but unable to format the disk with Nero..

    Lemme know

    Thank you in advance..
  2. gary_hendricks

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    You don't have to 'format' a DVD+RW disk first. What you do need to do in Nero is to 'quickly erase' the DVD+RW content first before burning data.
  3. cns03

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    I have..

    Hi Gary,
    I have done that with Nero, but I get an error when trying to drag - drop something on the disk afterwards...

    It will add it to the lists of items to be burned...but will not complete the burning wizard of XP... not sure of error right now..can post later if needed...
  4. fatboy1109

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    If you are using Nero to erase the disk then surely you can use nero's own drag and drop functionality?

    I have had little or no joy when using windows built in burning software, although more success when buring a CD-R.

    try 'formating' the disk and see what it says.........................
  5. cns03

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    Update to last post..The error is within the wizard saying the wiazrd cannot complete because the "CD" in the drive is not of correct media..blah blah..looks like its a CD writing wizard and not a DVD writing wizard...which is fine...but is there a way around the wizard.... upon drag and drop...Windows will just state their are files ready to be written and it is just for a "CD" writing wizard.... No big deal..I can just burn with Nero, but would be nice for drag and drop...

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