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May 1, 2007
  1. In the company I work for , we do backups three times a week. We are running on Windows 2003 server and the backups take about 3+ hours to do. So we were looking into purchasing a USB2 adapter or firewire adapter to speed up this process. Unfortunately none of these are compatible with win 2k3...

    So I tried a different technique and shared the folder where backups are and try to do the backup through my workstation since i have (USB 2 with XP OS on my desktop) but it seems to take just as long to do the back up. Using a VPN and grabbing the file and try to back it up (avg file size 2 GB total of 10 files) takes 30 mins each....

    Anyone can help me out here to fasten this process???

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    What backup program are you using. Is the program set to only backup changed or new files?
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    backup contd.

    I am not sure what program is backing up the files. The external backup drive is Western Digital Dual-Mode 160GB and I think the software installation CD's had some backup program on it, and i bet you that's what the previous IT guy installed there.

    I know I use hjsplit.exe to split the file (original file 20GB) and it doesn't seem to do it all at once-it freezes or fails- so it breaks it down to 2GB files and then basically we drag and drop it from one location to the other but it takes about 30 mins per item to copy... (the external drive has usb2/firewire but server runs win2k3 and not compatible with either)

    So i thought i can use vpn and get those files from my computer which runs xp sp2 and has usb2 adapter and copy it to the backup drive but it still seems to do it very slow about the same time if not more. I went to the device manager and checked and it is defined as enhanced usb2 so i know the port is ok, and i know the external drive has usb2... No idea why it is soo slow though.
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    well this osting site is not very helpful... There was only one person responded and asked a question and i never got any response back from noone else or the person who responded originally ever after... I found my own answer for people who would have the same problem and reading through my posting. USB 2 and Firewire is not compatible with Win2k3 (some off brand firewires are but they are very expensive) tried using VPN and grabbing the files from a server running win2k3 to move it to the desktop with xp and then use usb2 to back up to a external back up drive but that was still too slow..
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    If the server has a gigabit network adapter, then that shoud be fast enough to dump on any NAS device - either a dedicated appliance or another computer.

    If the server has any external SCSI connectors (or if you can install a SCSI card) then that would be more than enough too.

    VPN is slow of course unless you have some really beastly hardware encryption devices and/or a 10 gigabit network..
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    It's going to take a while, not a fast process depending on how huge your domain is. That's why most backups are down at night where most users have gone for the day.

    Network Attached Storage Devices NAS
    Would be a good choice


    Remote SAN Storage Area Network 1Gbit, 2Gbit and 4Gbit variants

    My prior company use 4GB tape backup carts they were set to run late at night.
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