Bad formatting on Firefox 0.9.2 ?

By RealBlackStuff
Jul 25, 2004
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    I've seen pages that IE won't render properly either, but Firefox and other alternatives seem to handle well. IE has the unique property of taking some of the crummiest and wrongly done HTML code, sorting out and giving a reasonably correct display. :) A lot of people out there rely on this forgiveness that other browsers don't offer.

    I just think it is a matter of whoever made the website.

    I run this page through the W3C markup validator (Checks for standardized code) and came up with some errors. So I think this is just a case of bad design.
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    Thanks for the link Rick, I was not aware of this Validator.
    I do some website building and maintenance, and I'm going to check my creations through this Validator from now on, before I publish them.

    PS: the mentioned page has nothing to do with me.
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