Bargin Hunt

By Tweakster
Oct 13, 2002
  1. Any of u lads know where i cant get a Good condidtion IBM Thinkpad 600.

    Processor : 300Mhz Pentium II
    Memory : 64Mb, spare slot available for more RAM if needed
    Harddisk : 4.3Gb
    CD/DVD Drive : 24 x CD-ROM drive
    Ports : 1 x USB, 1 x Parallel, 1x Serial, 1 x PS2 mouse port, 1 x Keyboard port and finally 1 x Infrared port
    Audio : Crystal WDM with microphone and speaker ports
    Includes : Floppy Disk Drive and Power Supply

    I found 1 on Ebay and think this is Defualt sepcs. I really only need 233mhz but 300mhz will let me do that bit more.

    If any UK peeps know where i can get this or similar spec Laptop for 60quid please let me know ive tryed ebay. The purpose is for DOS games so i will load win95.

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