Battlefield 3 triple screen memory crash fix

By ghasmanjr
Apr 10, 2013
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  1. Hello guys,

    These last few weeks, I have been having a lot of problems with my Battlefield 3 crashing randomly. I searched online for going on two weeks and I see that this problem happens to a lot of people, but no one was ever running triple monitors. It could happen after 10 minutes or it could take a few hours to crash. I slowly narrowed it down to why it was crashing. I recently purchased a 2nd gtx 680 and I've been running SLI to play Battlefield 3 on triple screen resolution (bezel corrected 5960x1080) at ultra settings. My game would crash on high settings, but not as often. I knew that I most definitely had the processing and graphical power to play the game on these settings, but I kept receiving an error regarding DirectX running out of memory. I thought "BS, I have 2x2gb of VRam". Well, it wasn't the VRam that Windows was complaining about. I have 2x4gb of GSkill 2133 ram and I checked the ram usage during gameplay. My computer was just below 0.5gb of free memory while playing on Metro. The game would crash a LOT more on the new map pack and this explains why; the maps are larger and require more memory. I tested this theory by joining a crowded server at Wake Island and flying a jet to the ceiling of the map. When I parachuted out and looked down at the battlefield, the game would crash.

    Long story short, I fixed my memory crash issues by purchasing another set of 2x4gb GSkill 2133 ram and I have not had a crash yet. I played for over an hour last night on the new maps with absolutely no problems even at ultra settings. I saw some forums recommended lowering settings, but I always thought "F that, why would I buy a 2nd 680 just to play the game on medium or high settings?" The game crashed less on high, but with 16gb of memory I can play 5960x1080 on ultra with all of the bells and whistles. I never thought it would be a ram issue because I've never heard of a game using 6gb of memory but I've also never seen how a computer is taxed during triple screen gaming until now.

    I never once saw a fix like mine after many weeks of scouring the internet, so I thought I'd share this with the only tech community in which I am active daily. I hope this helps out someone that is trying to play at a triple screen resolution with ultra settings :D

  2. slh28

    slh28 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,706   +172

    Thanks for sharing, good to know you found the solution.

    Don't think I've ever had this issue (I've always had 12GB of RAM), all of my crashes are usually driver related...
  3. ghasmanjr

    ghasmanjr TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 363   +86

    It's usually driver related for me as well so the first thing I did was update my Nvidia drivers. I can't believe this took me weeks to figure out.

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