Battlefield Vietnam Announced

By acidosmosis
Jul 21, 2003

  1. Today, Electronic Arts announced the development of a full sequel to the hit Battlefield 1942 -- Battlefield Vietnam, expected to hit shelves sometime in 2004. Like Battlefield 1942, the game will be developed by Swedish-based Digital Illusions CE (aka "DICE"), and aims to emulate the same "over-the-top, action-packed multiplayer style" that made Battlefield 1942 such a hit.

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    As a fan of BF 1942 this will definately be on my list of games to buy in the next year along with Half Life 2 and Doom 3.
  2. JSR

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    i'm currently demoing's a blast............the *****'s (i'm half asian, so i'm allowed to disparage my race) look comical, buck teeth and coolie hats intact......and, vietnam, line of sight, is ok......larger maps, but so so gameplay........a battle of britain map is out for bf1942 though, you might be interested in
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