Bayonetta 3 developer disputes voice actor's claim that she was offered $4,000 to reprise...


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Someone isn't telling the truth.
VA: I was offered 4000
Dev: She was offered up to 4000 per session, 4 sessions.
Un-named source: VA asked for 6 figures.

Is hard to know really since VAs are notoriously underpaid, but I highly doubt that VA was offered only 4000 dollars considering this is not an indie title and the fact they hired another well known VA in Hale instead shows there is at least some money to throw around. At the same time, the 6 figures thing just reeks of a smearing campaign.

I think is overly simple to say voice acting is important, or not important. For FFX, the VA for Yuna was notoriously bad and was made all the more jarring when you have one of the best in the business doing the voice for Wakka, game still sold like hotcakes. And you could have some of the best actors involved, but the product still sound weird like with AC: Valhalla (would had been bearable if they recorded a Nordic language, even if is modern). Whereas Hayter really made Solid Snake pop as a character, but the character was an icon before his involvement anyway.

One could argue that Taylor does have a big hand in making Bayonetta interesting, and you needed someone good for the sexy goofy chaotic character to be compelling and she certainly delivered. But is she worth 6 figures because of that? Perhaps not according to the sources.


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Considering how terribly Nintendo treats their own fans, I can definitely believe they short-change the talent.