Beeping from computer (constant)

By TheXanatos
Sep 1, 2011
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  1. My mom recently updated her computer and left her old one for scraps. My computer has a very low ram so i thought i could install the ram from my moms computer to mine. But my computer had both jacks filled. But just for the experience i unistalled both rams on my computer to look at them. i put them back in cleaned my computer of dust(and some sunflower seeds). After turning my computer goes on but for it wont boot up and it makes a constant beeping sound.. My monitor will not recognize it. So without being able to turn it off i cut the power from the extension cord switch and it stays on. I have to pull the cord out of the computer to turn it off. I am dumbfounded by all of these symptoms. My computer is custom built with 2 gb ram, Anthalon II x64 processor,160gb, and a 9500 gforce nvidia graphics card. I have 4 total fans in my computer. Plzz help i need my computer for school :(

    (and for videogames)
  2. Tedster

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    that's because the ram is incompatible. What you're hearing are BIOS beeps indicating a fault. You cannot just swap RAM unless you know for a fact, the ram is of the exact same type, rating, and speed.
  3. TheXanatos

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    (Srry for not saying this earlier) I didnt switch the RAM i thought about it but i didnt cause they were the same. I put the old ones back in and they snap in place. It dumbfounds me, and for some reason my harddrive is beeping not the mothherboard, which is even more weird. And why does my computer not turn off when i cut power?

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