PC Won't Post, No display, keyboard or Mouse

Hello I've been using my computer for few years without any trouble.
I left my place for a week, when I came back it was impossible to turn it on, I get no display, but all the fans spins and I can hear the hdd running as usual.
I tried a lot of things:
- CMOS reset ( make it boot and when I leave the bios I got the same problem as before no bios anymore)
- Ram Reseat
- GPU reseat
- I Tested the psu on another computer, seems to work well

Config :
CPU : R5 1600
GPU : GTX 1060 6gb KFA2
RAM : 2*8 Corsair Vengance 3000Mhz
SSD m2 : 1to
HDD : 500go
PSU : 450W CoolerMaster

Mark Fuller

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Did you try another monitor? Also, toggle LCD switch. See if connection to monitor to pc is good or maybe try another cable. These are basic things, what type of PC do you have?