BENQ DW1620 won't start spinning.

By freddy011
Jul 10, 2005
  1. Hello everyone... :)

    Here is my problem with the BENQ DW1620:
    I was burning music cds when all of a sudden, when I just inserted a CD-R in, my DVD drive stopped. It just started spinning for half a second then stopped. It repeated 3 or 4 times then stopped. My computer didn't detect any CD in the DVD drive.
    Luckily, I bought the Service Plan from Future shop so I can return the product any time I want.
    They gave me a new one it worked fine (I put a normal Music CD in) until I put a blank CD-R in then the same thing happened.
    Thinking the problem was that particular type of CD-R (Since the problem occured after I put the exact same type of CD-R in the first time), I returned it again and they gave me a new one but the same problem happened when I put any CD/DVD in.

    Since the Hardware Problem is eliminated, does any of you know a known issue or have a solution for this problem?
    Thanks in advance.
    Fred :)
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