BEST anti virus for 2003 server

By kaliwal
May 2, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Which anti virus is best for server 2003 operating system.??
    Sorry if this is strange question what is different between anti virus, spy ware, add ware, spam etc ??
  2. Nodsu

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    The best would be the one that suits your needs :)
    Usually you don't want to and cannot run your "home" antivirus in a server environment - you need a special version for that.

    An antivirus is a program designed to prevent and cure computer virus infections.

    Spyware is malicious software that, once inside your computer, monitors your activities (web browsing usually) and reports them to someone who then usually sells this information.

    Adware is a program that downloads and displays advertisments to you (usually to make up for the fact that the program itself is free). They can either be nice (maybe display some banner somewhere) or evil (constantly nag you with popup windows).

    Spam is unsolicited advertisments in the form of e-mail messages, instant messages, forum postings etc. (Doesn't have to be advertisments, any kind of flood of rubbish can be considered spam).
  3. Fiziks

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    and now ransomware needs to be added to that list apparently

    "Ransomware is malware often delivered in a trojan attachment via an e-mail, which automatically encrypts files on an infected computer. The owner of the computer is denied access to these files and is then informed that the files can only be accessed again with a decryption code that the programmer of the ransomware will provide, for a price."
  4. Tedster

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