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Best free antivirus - fall 2013

By mrtraver · 33 replies
Oct 20, 2013
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  1. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 7,287   +372

    Well, since I've never considered M-bam an AV, I guess I'm good since I use the free versions of Avast, M-bam & SAS. SpywareBlaster which is not a scanner. :)
  2. bobcat

    bobcat TechSpot Paladin Posts: 688   +67

    Indeed, MBAM, though a top tool, is not strictly speaking an antivirus but rather anti-spyware, and as such should not conflict with most AVs. In my view, learninmypc has a good, sensible defense.
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  3. slamscaper

    slamscaper TS Booster Posts: 186   +35

    MBAM removes all sorts of malware, including viruses, trojans, spyware, and other forms of PUP (potentially unwanted programs). I assure you it is an AV program (although it is geared towards spyware, fake AV, and other forms of malware that traditional AV programs miss) and the retail version utilizes real-time protection that's similar to most other AV's. Therefore, MBAM's real-time protection should not be used if you already have a primary AV installed and running.
  4. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 7,287   +372

    Thank you. :)
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  5. Cobalt006

    Cobalt006 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,777   +242

    Running two AV is a NoNo! Best it will do is pull down your system. Or I would think,One would cancel out the other one if indeed you needed them. Or conflict with each other . I know of Quit a few AV programs that will not let you install them . If you already have a AV. I guess I am wondering why one would need two AV's anyway.If you are running a good firewall and staying away from bad sites.
  6. bobcat

    bobcat TechSpot Paladin Posts: 688   +67

    Before making such categorical statements that could mislead less experienced users seeking reliable info, it is better to do some research.

    So, on MBAM’s features page:
    it is assured that it
    while clicking on “Learn More” presents a list of 20 compatible major AVs.

    Therefore, MBAM has no compatibility problems when used alongside the resident AV, and the reason is that itself is not strictly speaking an AV, since AVs are known to be incompatible with each other.

  7. slamscaper

    slamscaper TS Booster Posts: 186   +35

    I'm aware that malwarebytes advertises their software as compatible with other security suites. I've been using it for years. For the most part I would agree that their software does work great with other AV's.

    That said, there CAN be conflicts with the pro version of MBAM and other AV's, due to the real-time protection it offers. Their are numerous tutorials on the web that detail how to setup MBAM Pro to avoid conflicts other AV's, so I would advise anyone wanting to run the paid version of MBAM along with another AV to research this.

    My advice would be to just use the free version of MBAM if you already have a good thorough AV. I wouldn't advise using the paid version in this case. That said, if you utilize a basic AV like MSE, then MBAM Pro makes more sense.
  8. tomkaten

    tomkaten TS Maniac Posts: 214   +123

    There will never be a definitive answer to threads like "Best antivirus of <insert time frame here>", simply because there isn't one :)

    It's down to personal preference really. A router firewall + a good free AV + periodic free MBAM scans + latest OS updates + a bit of common sense when browsing work best in my case :)

    I use Avast simply because its false positive rate is very low and I just love the Silent/Gaming mode. It makes it completely invisible.
    learninmypc likes this.
  9. feemally2

    feemally2 TS Rookie

    I am using Eset smart security and it is a wonderful experience for me first time. I try many anti virus but I think it is best because I don't find any problem after installing it.

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