Best gaming monitor for $200?

By treetops · 6 replies
Sep 21, 2011
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  1. My spec are in my specs thingy. Nvidia 275 video card. Whats the best monitor I can get for around 200$? My video card can support way over 2560x1600 , how much do you have to spend to break the 1920x1080 barrier? Are they even worth it?

    Also I am somewhat interested in a 3d monitor setup but they look pricey and I have no clue if they are worth it.
  2. Ritwik7

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    Are you looking to game at that resolution? The GTX 275 will find it difficult to play GPU-intensive games at or over 1920x1080.

    SKYSTAR TS Enthusiast Posts: 207

    hi treetops
    you can't play hardcore games with resolution like 1920x1080 or above with the GTX 275 ,you need at least the GTX 295 or GTX 470 . so i think the better resolution for your card is 1680x1050.
  4. treetops

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    I had a 1920x1050 monitor until about a year ago and every game I played worked just fine on max. Hmm well it was 230$ for that card 2 years ago. It played age of conan and crysis just fine or maybe the fps was low and I did not notice, I think I was at like 30 fps.

    I find it hard to believe I would have to buy a seemingly 600$+ card like the nvidia 295 to game at 1080p.

    Heres my exact card btw.

    Ill be a sad panda if my card is already considered to weak for 1080p.
  5. DKRON

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  6. treetops

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    Alright can I get some 200$ish HD 1920x1080 suggestions? Or a 3d monitor\glasses budget suggestion, are they worth it?

    I was thinking of maybe this one? 2ms response time looks nice

    is the pixel pitch and contrast ratio adequate for the price? looks good to me

    159.99 after all the discounting, comes with a dvi cable

    Screen Size

    LED Backlight


    Recommended Resolution
    1920 x 1080

    Viewing Angle
    170°(H) / 160°(V)

    Pixel Pitch

    Display Colors
    16.7 Million

    300 cd/m2

    Contrast Ratio
    10,000,000:1 (ASCR)

    Response Time
    2ms (GTG)

    Horizontal Refresh Rate
    30 - 83 KHz

    Vertical Refresh Rate
    50 - 76 Hz
  7. GamingB

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    3D monitors are what they say the are... but they are pricey as well... One other monitor that you should look at is the VX2453MH-LED - it's a new model and does kind of have a larger Bezel (internal speakers) but overall it's pretty nice.

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