Best way to install four 60GB OCZ Agility 3 on W7 desktop with RAID enclosure?


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I have four OCZ 3 Agility SSD's and want to install them on my new desktop build.
I also have one Adaptec 5805 SGL Raid Card with two connections and will handle up to 8 drives.
I need help in figuring out the best, most efficient way to get these 4 SSD's on my Desktop. I've seen several 2.5 to 3.5 enclosures with built in raid switches on the back, but the reviews haven't been that enticing.
First off, do I even need the Raid Adaptec 5805 adapter?
Secondly what is the best way to incorporate the 4 ssd's on my AMD FX990 Desktop. Also, so I mirror all 4 drives at Raid 0, or use 2 as storage? Or include one 2TB WD HDD for my storage drive?
Would like to hear the most efficient ways to install my SSD's and possibly include one HDD and what raid settings would be best for each set up (4 ssd's in 2 3.5 inch enclosures only, or 4 SSD's in two 3.5 enclosures and the 2TB HDD as my storage drive?

What is the best 2.5 to 3.5 ssd enclosures to use and are the ones with the raid switch on the back of the enclosures of any benefit?

Thanks in advance,


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Also I could do two ssd's in one 3.5 enclosure with hdd

I forgot to mension If easier I can also go with only two 60GB SSD's and mirror them in Raid 0 and install one 2TB HDD as my storage drive.
I just need to know the most simple and efficient way to go with all these drives and which Raid to use with each.
Obviously, this is my first build wanting to try SSD's and also my first encounter using Raid! I'm freaking lost and need some experience to guide me through this delima.
The balance of my system is a nine hundred Antec case, Sabertooth 990fx mobo, w1090T AMD processor and I'm also still looking for a aftermarket good cpu cooler for the AMD Black processor.