Best workout & gym trax for my ipod?

By madeline26 · 4 replies
Mar 30, 2008
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  1. ... I need new music: mostly for running but also for a full gym workout... I need some suggestions as I'm tired of listening to the same old stuff. I tend to buy stuff on itunes, not really wanting to mess my computer with the ****** programs.......
  2. Jesse_hz

    Jesse_hz TS Maniac Posts: 545

    Kanye West - The New Workout Plan
    Utada Hikaru - The Workout

    Hey, they've got 'workout' in the titles! :D
  3. suresh76

    suresh76 TS Rookie

    if you're using itunes....

    yeah I agree, it's just a lot easier to download from itunes then mess around with other stuff.....

    If you're looking for workout/gym music on itunes, here’s a shortcut -- type “EURO CLUB HITS” into to search....

    look for the album series with the big black logo and the different colored backgrounds...
  4. Aerial Blaze

    Aerial Blaze TS Rookie

    If you want to get pumped, listen to devildriver songs such as "Cry for me sky", "I Dreamed i Died" etc

    they have really good rhythm so it's good for working out and getting really pumped.

    I get angry and run further and more vigorously when i listen to devildriver.
  5. Zasben

    Zasben TS Rookie

    I tried using my ipod when i work out, I just don't like it, it distracts me, meh, I guess I can't double task.

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