Bethesda to replace cheap nylon duffel bags with canvas as advertised

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This collector’s version included the game and other trinkets, but the highlight of the pricy bundle was a replica power armor helmet accompanied by what was pictured and described as a “canvas West Tek duffel bag” in the promotional material [emphasis added]. Both very cool items that definitely made up for the high price.

However, what purchasers received was not what they expected. Instead of the sturdy, good-looking canvas bag (seen above), the bundle came with a cheap, easily wrinkled nylon duffel (pictured below). Not content with just having a PR faux pas on their hands, Bethesda decided to turn it into a full-on PR nightmare.

After one user emailed the studio to ask about the discrepancy, an allegedly “temporary” customer service rep replied, “Sorry you're not happy, bag shown was a prototype and too expensive to make, not planning to do anything about it.”

The company then quietly changed the wording on the product page to indicate that the bag would be nylon but leaving the beautiful canvas accessory in the image. They also offered buyers 500 Atoms ($5 worth of in-game currency) to hopefully appease the angry crowd.

This did little to quell the backlash on Reddit. On the contrary, players were even more incensed at such an insulting offer in an attempt to backtrack on its false advertising.

Only a few days and a few thousand tongue lashings later, Bethesda caved. Threats of a potential "deceptive trade practices" lawsuit might have had something to do with it as well. On Monday the studio tweeted that it would be replacing the nylon bags that had already been purchased with real canvas versions.

If you were unfortunate enough to have been ripped off with the cheap nylon knockoff, you need to submit a ticket with Bethesda Support by January 31, 2019. The canvas bags are not ready yet, but the company says it is working on a manufacturing plan and will ship them as soon as they are made.

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Man, this whole launch was a complete disaster wasn't it?
Seems to be. Reviews have been brutal on top of this duffel bag bait and switch deal.

I have some good friends who are Fallout junkies, and it takes pliers to pull out anything bad about any Fallout game or Bethesda product from them. But after a couple of weeks of play, even they are grudgingly conceding that the game really isn't that good.
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I got a big laugh out of that "too expensive to make" message from I. M. Unemployed. For $200 you can bloody well get a canvas bag, a game and some other useless swag.

Satish Mallya

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Bethesda is screwing Fallout up so badly.
It's sad to see.
Here's what made Fallout great (IMO), in no particular order:
1) Dark - and I mean DARK - themes including suicide, murder, genocide, war, famine, slavery, crime, drugs, etc. And it's very well handled - I.e. it's not there for shock value or controversy - all of this is an integral part of the world, and needed for it to make sense.
2) Oblique cultural references and parodies
3) A semi-serious tone, without taking itself too seriously
4) Complex character development
5) A massive, detailed world, handcrafted with no cheap cop-out randomly generated enemy types, or 'radiant quests'
6) A rich description of items and objects in the world
7) Dark humor for a dark world
8) Character's motives make sense
9) Skills and their application make sense
10) You have to WORK for a good character, but it's not grinding; fully fleshed out quests will see you to a high level
11) The world is bleak, and believable

The only parts they really seem to want to keep are the aesthetics, while discarding everything that made the franchise good to begin with.
New Vegas was the last good Fallout game so far, and it looks like maybe the last good one, period.
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Too little to late IMO. Damage has been done the game is a failure. I do hope at some point it becomes playable.