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Big problem: tried to reinstall WinXP....

By bebanito
Mar 15, 2007
  1. I just tried to reinstall Win XP and I get these messages:

    1. When I try the original cd with Win XP Pro SP1(which it did worked last year when I did the last reinstall) I get this :

    File\i386\ha laacpi.dll could not be loaded.The error code is 7.Set up cannot continue.Press any key to exit.

    2. When I tried with a copy of Win XP Pro Corp SP2(which I never used before) I get this:

    File acpi.sys caused an unexpected error(8192) at the line 5964 in d:\nt\base\boot\setup\setup.c.

    Now please if somebody knows what the heck is going on?Basically I can't reinstall my OS!
  2. Hangman

    Hangman TS Rookie

    If you have files on this disk you are trying to install the OS on, my suggestion would be to get another drive. Host this drive as a slave and copy the files over the other drive. Then format this drive so it's clean. Then disconnect the other drive, set this drive as the main and try a fresh install.
    I would imagine the acpi.sys file is corrupted & the OS is trying to use it as a base for the install. The laacpi.dll is a Dynamic Link Library. It holds a bunch of processes for commands rather than having them loaded into the kernal. Another brilliant idea gone awry, but I digress. When it sais it cannot load, it is probably corrupted as well and it can't be read to get the processes out for the install.
    One thing I have learned from fighting with this shhhtuff, from W98 to Vista, It's not worth the upgrade. If you have to reinstall the OS, do it clean.
  3. bebanito

    bebanito TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for the answer, but you know I've been trying the clean install and I had the same answer...in the end I don't know what happened but it worked with the old version of XP sp1 and I had to upgrade to sp2...lost all my night but I hope everything it's cool now!
  4. gully

    gully TS Rookie

    or replace your cd installation if it doesn't work get another new optical disk drive.
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