Bill Gates blasts cryptocurrency and NFTs, again, calls them '100% based on greater fool...

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Don't forget the baby food and border crisis....this ***** will go down as the worst president in history.

Can't wait for the left to find ways to blame Trump and Russia for Biden's failures. Couldn't be the incredibly stupid policies. But hey Orange man with your feeling because that works so well.
Look at the bright side...we got a black female vp. She's terrible at her job but hey that's not what's important.
No need to wait for the typical dumbocrat blame game. The ineptocracy wasted no time blaming Trump and Russia for all their failings.


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This is the guy who has been shorting Tesla like a maniac, and he's been doing the same to Bitcoin, evidently. I hope he gets burnt into a toast some day. I just hate bears.

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Ugh, will Bill Gates just die already so we don't have to listen to his attempts at making us think that he's not a self-serving sociopath?


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Just pay some grossly over-priced "trainer" to come to your house every week and hire a chef to prepare all your meals. See? It's simple.....if you're rich.

You would think so - Orpah's weight yo-yo - and she was worth a billion - lots there are others .
As you state super rich can have Chefs making great food - with often expensive ingredients - to make it feel like the full cream version .
Plus go horse riding in Montana , play tennis with young pretty men and women in skimpy outfits

Personal motivators etc - they don't go say to Safeways and see look how cheap that soda is for 24 cans - or buy 1 gallon of icecream get one free - I'm tired and had a long crappy day

Given that - we can all be more active - park a bit further away - race the supermarket trolleys to the car , use the stairs - do exercise's waiting for coffee to perk


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Go woke go broke.
lefties are a bunch of snowflakes
they have more triggers than people going to an NRA met ( well that's easy NRA bans carrying guns )

Yet here we are in these comments - old men shouting at the clouds about Bill Gates

Do you guys even have any self awareness that what you project on others you are the main culprits .

Most of us Centerists don't freak out about identity politics -what people do in their bedrooms, what others get up to - we have distain for those pushing their agendas always being offended on others behalf . The sky does not fall if a boy dresses' as girl or a girl as a boy - most people are just happy if they are happy and get on with their lives

Truly have some self awareness - your raving's say more about your anger and need to control others


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No need to type that, we already know you do! Keep worshipping at the dumbocrat alter and enjoy your high gas and food prices, rocketing inflation, shortages and wars!
-You need to get over the "great orange douche bag". If you want a history of needless wars, just look to the mentally challenged son of a Republican nitwit, George W. Bush, who was a puppet with D!ck Cheney pulling his strings. You seem to forget about the pointless search for "Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction"'.. Even his kid Liz has gotten over Trump, and it's high time you did as well.


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Gates is the biggest phony on Earth, pretending to be an altruist when 99% of everything he's "given" away was a tax write-off or actually paid for by taxpayers. He uses unsuspecting third world guinea pigs to test experimental drugs that he makes billions from.

I thought you would be celebrating him for owning the Libs .
One of the mantras of the right is we know how best to spend our money not the govt

Lets say Bill has revenue of $4 Billion - and a tax rate of 25%
So instead of giving $1 billion to the swamp - he does $4 billion in charity for Malaria , a rDNA all purpose flu vaccine, a fund for micro-business startups , educating girls in 3rd world countries,
Health care in poor areas

Well it costs him $3 Billion dollars more - but he's owning the Libs - as he can use his money better than the Govt.

He should be your Hero - I mean Trump has lots of Charities to pay for his lifestyle and living expensive and to fleece his cult and you celebrate that

So why are you selective in your application of this basic mantra ?

Ps Tax deductions/write offs only a boon if you get a perk - Here he does doing things he likes
Paying for staples is a write off - but not one you enjoy - Buying that 98" OLED for a few business meetings in your home now is a good tax write off


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Agreed. Cheap interest rates lead to this. Same with Housing.

Wait for todays .75% rate hike.

Crypto = done.
People want safe investments that grow steadily, not ones that swing wildly based on tweets.

You were both wrong.

Tweets affect stocks also. And most are actually out for get rich quick, so big swings are in their favour. Unless you are rich enough to wait for a stock/crypto/investment to perform.

That cash rate was good for Bitcoin actually. Which sucks. I was hoping for a bounce off the $19/20k region for more cheap coins.


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Considering the absolute collapse in the cryptocurrency market, he has every single inch he needs to make his case.

The market conditions that allowed crypto to grow to its highs don't exist anymore.

The market conditions that allowed crypto to grow to its highs will probably never exist again.

Low interest rates, easy money in the form of stimulus welfare checks. A population with plenty of disposable income with low energy fees - which suddenly turned into high energy, high food and high fuel costs...

Crypto is probably never going to get the "faith" needed to return to glory.

It's game over.
"FinancialExpert" Lol, ironic.

You are right in the sense, the same can be applied to stocks and housing.

Now what will recover quicker? I am willing to bet that crypto will outperform both in the next 10 years.

Anyone willing to take that bet?


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I would tend to believe that when rich people talk like this including Warren Buffet who ridicules crypto, something is going to happen or they have plans for crypto which will not look good.


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Crypto fans can't currently make any meaningful arguments to support their investments, so they resort to character assassination of Mr. Gates.

I wonder if we'll see another pump-and-dump cycle of cryptos over the next 18 months? There are only so many "greater fools" out there.

That first paragraph holds truth about Seth Meyer's and Jimmy Kimmel's night show bashing Trump.That term, " Character assassination" is the first time I have seen anyone use in a comment. Don't mind if I steal it? ;-)


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That first paragraph holds truth about Seth Meyer's and Jimmy Kimmel's night show bashing Trump.
If you understand the difference between "bashing" and reporting the facts, and they ever get it wrong, feel free to set the record straight. I haven't heard them say anything that was wrong. Especially Colbert, who smashes the righties constantly. Feel free to point something out if you catch them telling a lie. I'm all ears.


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I loath the idea of agreeing with Bill Gates on anything... However, he's not wrong on this one. Cryptocoin, NFTs and other such predatory garbage need to die quick fiery deaths. Napalm works best!


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I loath the idea of agreeing with Bill Gates on anything... However, he's not wrong on this one. Cryptocoin, NFTs and other such predatory garbage need to die quick fiery deaths. Napalm works best!
I disagree!



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What war are we currently engaged in? I thought the last place we were at war was in Afghanistan and sleepy Joe managed to do what the Orange One promised (to pull out), but did not do.
You're right he did manage to pull out of Afghanistan and he did it with no real plan as it was a total disaster. I mean you know it bad when CNN and MSNBC even call him out on it. Pulling out wasn't bad and most were ok with it but it was the way he they/he did it. You can't defend the vegetable that's in office right now. He's absolutely awful and even a lot of long time democrats are turning on him. Midterms are going to be so epic....


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Why would someone publicly stating an opinion on a topic make you say that the person "is an expert" ?
Seems to me that every time he says something we get articles on it. It's as if his opinion is important on every topic...from climate change to eating synthetic meat. Personally nothing he says is of any importance imo and he can stick that synthetic meat up his ***.
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