Bill Gates quit the Microsoft board while company investigated affair with employee

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So what! We both know it was mutual. Even twenty years ago anyone could file a sexual harassment case. That didn't happen. I'm banking on a butthurt gold digger at it again from a different angle.
the only person who knows for sure is the woman.... and filing a sexual harassment case 20 years ago against the CEO of MS would have been career suicide...

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I doubt that! I wasn't born yesterday. I remember how serious this topic was 20 years ago.
The topic was serious... but so what? How many powerful CEOs actually went down?

I know it’s become a witch hunt in the past few years... but the fact remains that the system favors the rich male CEO, not the poor female employee...


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Bill Gate is what he is, a sinful greedy horny nerd that has done very little to make this a better world. Now some of his sins are being put on display for all to see. Every rich person has the same issues, some are just luckier than others at hiding their sins.

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And it has the bonus incentive of wanting to spend that money on goods and services - use or lose it through taxes. The only flaw is if they are able to grow their wealth by more than the wealth tax rate, then it doesn't really do anything.
Even if they are able to grow their wealth by more than the tax rate, as long as public services are properly funded so that everyone benefits as is befitting of a rich country, that's fine. The problem is a cash-starved government and a lack of basic public services that have resulted from the rich NOT paying taxes.

If they're able to grow their wealth at the same rate as everyone else, no problem. It's when they rake in money like they have been while everyone else does without over the last few decades that it becomes obscene.