Bing still showing growth two weeks after launch

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Matthew DeCarlo

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According to a comScore report released today, Microsoft’s latest search engine is continuing to grow two weeks after its debut. Bing has managed to increase Microsoft’s position in the search market, but it has a long way to go before it’s rubbing shoulders with Google. Redmond has seen an increase of 3% in search result pages and searcher penetration alike.

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So far I have found Bing to be a decent search engine. Results are displayed clearly and I havent had any of the bad experiences I had with Live search. I havent had to resort to google once having found everything I have needed to using Bing. That said, I have used google without thinking but overall I think MS have done a good job with it.


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Its OK...but back to Google... I seen many browsers revert to bing automatically so that may be why they are having a surge


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I used Bing on and off for about a week, at one point setting it as my default engine in the Firefox search box. There are some notable improvements, and overall search results were pretty decent, but nothing ground breaking for me to switch from Google.

Julio Franco

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Same here, tried it, even set it as default for about a week but something kept bothering me and got back to Google. Could just be a matter of perception, because there wasn't anything wrong with Bing results per se.


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I have used Bing for a couple of days, though it has some good qualities, there is nothing groundbreaking. I get the same search results with Google as I do with Bing. I have been using Google for a long time and will just stick with that.


I can't live without Bings little rollover on the far right of each hit. It pulls info from the site, including links, so you don't even have to go to the site - or just jump to the page you want within your search. Love it. Not sure if others have that - its new to me. Google is just so old and plain its out of date. Plus Im not liking Google's attitude lately in the media. They are starting to act like Apple.


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I like the new wallpaper of bing everyday and the information it brings. It was same in live search also but its full of knowledge. Every day I learn new stats about different places or countries. I love this feature of bing but I mostly search on google for search queries.


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Used it a couple of times, but it's nowhere near Google, especially since I'm using iGoogle to get news from various sources show up on my default page.

Also, more complex searches with less popular items got me nowhere!


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Does "Searcher Penetration" have anything to do with

Sorry... had to say it.


I've been using Bing since its launch; and so far I am pretty much satisfied with the results; which gives me little reason to go back to Google, if at all; so i am sticking with it for now. I believe we need alternatives to have good competition as well as services in general. So kudos to MS for delivering something good in this area.



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turning out to be a pretty good search engine. Gives much more relevant results than google. I've been using it since the inception. I haven't had a need to go back yet. I still love gmail though.


Bing is a flash in the pan. Give me the stripped-down simplicity and effectiveness of the AltaVista advanced search page any day.


I have found the search results and presentation superior in Bing and it is now my default search engine.


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Maybe it's because I think "Ned... Ryerson" whenever I hear or see the name Bing. "Bing, again."


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It seems to be very much like Microsoft search or help. In the samples I tried, related to a recent trip to Iceland and Greenland, Bing came up empty or with unrelated links. On the other hand, Google comes up with endless pertinent links and information. I entered the names of Greenland towns and got nothing with Bing, not even the references to U-Tube that exist.

Tried for the "Sanctuary of Re", a place in Italy: Bing= items with santuary and re(garding), Google gets me there with photos of the place.
- For years I have suggested to Microsoft to let Google handle their Help files to drop the 90+% unrelated links. The few times I get stuck on my PC after 26 years of using PCs, I end up finding the solution with Google, never Microsoft "Help". Bing may be similar in limited trials. Only the very obvious and familiar comes up with information.

I have rarely been disappointed by Google.


I am really uncomfortable with google's business approach and have been waiting for a quality search engine so I can cut ties with them. I think Bing is a pretty decent search engine, I've found no problems with it and hope it continues to grow.

I wouldn't expect it to have the substance that google, and it's massive legion of crawl-bots, have amassed over the years. But I think bing has the basic platform down and eventually will have the same type of excellent data that google has.
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