According to a comScore report released today, Microsoft's latest search engine is continuing to grow two weeks after its debut. Bing has managed to increase Microsoft's position in the search market, but it has a long way to go before it's rubbing shoulders with Google. Redmond has seen an increase of 3% in search result pages and searcher penetration alike.

The report shows that Microsoft has boosted its share of search result pages in the US market to 12.1% from June 8 to 12. This comes as an improvement over its June 1 to 5 period showing 11.3%. In the work week prior to Bing's introduction, the software giant's share was a mere 9.1%. The company's most recent searcher penetration was 16.7%, up from 15.8% June 1-5 and 13.7% before Bing's launch.

While the early data reflects a positive market reaction, I wonder whether users will continue to use Bing or revert back to Google and Yahoo. I played around with it for a half an hour following its opening, and I've not used it since. My experience wasn't negative, but I found little reason to stick with it. Love it or hate it, let's hear your thoughts on Bing so far.