BIOS & 8x agp problem/question

By Dukenuukem
Jun 24, 2005
  1. My mobo is an asus p4c 800 and vid card is a ati 9800se. Well ive updated everything on the vid card and its working fine except for the fact that smartgart wont enable 8x agp or fastwrite. Ive updated my bios on my asus board so i dont see a problem with it not being enabled. My ram is sd pc 2700, i know i need ddr pc3200 wich is the highest compatible ram for my mobo. What i was wanting to know is were can i find my updated bios version through windows because im not sure it was fully installed. Some asus tech guys said i would have alot more options well i dont see any. The only reason im doing all this is to get my vid card at 8x agp for my mmo games. If i messed something or if anyone has any helpfull hints tips or answers i would greatly appreciate it.
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