Black screen and lock while playing games

By Commander
Apr 26, 2005
  1. since 2 days, i got some nasty problems with my graphics. I play Wow (world of warcraft) since november and i never had graphical issues...exept since 2 days ago, my screen went black all of a sudden and my comp seemed locked...i could still hear sound and talk to ppl via ventrilo. So first thought...reinstall graphic drivers along with direct X 9.0c...didnt do much and the problem is still there. I had graphical glitch while playing starcraft and a black screen whilke trying to launch day of defeat. I read an old post about black sceen and i wonder if u had a solution for it.

    Some mof my comp specs...

    mostly: ATI RADEON 9600 xt 256 mg <==== i think this is the problem (i hate ATI)
    Processor: intel p4 2.4
    board: albatron 845
    memory: 512 ddr
    power supply 300W
    2 fans (back and side + 1 on my video card)

    ty for ur time
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