Black screen of death on my laptop

By txsfireman
Aug 23, 2007
  1. Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite M45-S265 running windows xp. My problem is that i cannot restart my computer. The windows XP startup screen comes on, then when that screen usually switches to my desktop it just goes black, not blank, it goes black, the screen is still on. I have tried Fn F5, it obviously turns the screen on and off but it is still black. I have tried safe mode, but it scrolls down some command prompts and stops at:


    At this point I have to turn off the power to restart it. "Directory services restore mode" says it is starting in safe mode then says it is scanning the C: drive. After which it says "the volume is clean. Wndows has finished checking the disk." At this point it is locked down. All of the other options in the safe mode screen other than the three safe mode options result in a black screen after the windows xp logo appears. The last thing I have tried is to use the recovery disk. I adjusted the Boot Priority so the CD-Rom drive is first. I restarted the computer with the recovery disk in and it acted like before. It never prompted for me to choose to startup from the disk. It just proceeded to the blank screen as usual. I was given a boot disk from a friend and tested it on another computer. The disk worked as expected. I then tried this disk on my computer. This resulted in the same results as before. It didnt work. I have googled this for the last four hours and I'm tired and beat down from this. Please tell me someone out there has a fix for this. Thank you.
  2. don't quote me on this...but i might have an idea of what you could try. i'm not sure this will work.

    from what i've read about toshiba machines and their blank screen of death, it seems to be caused by some sort of a hardware failure. some suggest that it is because of a faulty/dead hard drive. you could try replacing it, but i don't know where you could get one or how to replace it yourself. i don't own a laptop. i would assume you unscrew it all, unhook it and take it out, and stick a new one in.

    then try installing the OS on there.

    if this doesn't work, then i'm not sure what's wrong.

    i might also add that buying a new one and testing it is a risk because if it's another problem which is causing the hard drive to fail, or if it's not the hard drive at all, then you're out some money, not to mention another hard drive. but i think the hard drive is a good place to start. a bunch of other people had similar problems with the whole system32 tdi driver. and they also suggested hard drive failures.

    my only other clue is that your built in video card might be busted or faulty. and that might mean replacing the whole motherboard/the whole computer because laptops aren't upgradeable with new gpus let alone anything else.

    maybe someone else on this forum has an idea, but i've put in my two cents.

    i hope i was of SOME use.

    i know you're tired and beat over this, but i think some more googling would do some good. because as i said, i found some people with similar problems. try googling "toshiba blank screen, tdi.sys". i got some interesting results there.

    again. hope i helped and i hope your problem gets resolved.
  3. N3051M

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    tdi.sys (from what i can gather) relates to networking functions in windows. It could be that there is a hardware fault or windows fault that is not letting you pass that stage of loading the drivers (if it is that one thats the cause of it)

    You can either try a windows repair or try and disable the onboard network adapter(s) on your laptop via BIOS settings and see if that helps. I assume you can pass the POST screen and still access BIOS?

    If it is a hdd failure, then you may test the hdd using the utillity downloadable from the hdd manufacturer's website and running it to determine if it is or not. You may also, if you wish, take out the hdd out of the laptop and backup your data over to somewhere else (via a USB > notebook hdd adapter or whatever).

    Take out any expansion cards currently installed (eg. external wifi card etc).
  4. Rik

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    Sometimes just booting into safe mode then re-booting into normal mode can sort a problem like that, its worth a try!!

    Do you know how to boot into safe mode?
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