Blade Runner is available via digital distribution for the first time

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Blade Runner from Westwood Studios (of Command & Conquer fame) originally landed on Windows PC on November 14, 1997. Curiously enough, it wasn’t a direct adaptation of the 1982 film by the same name but rather, tossed players into a side quest that occasionally intersects with the movie’s plot line.

The point-and-click adventurer utilized randomization to change up the gameplay during each playthrough. This, combined with decisions you made throughout, would lead to one of 13 different endings based on three major factors surrounding the main character.

Up to this point, playing Blade Runner was no easy task. Assuming you could actually find a physical copy of the game discs and get them loaded onto your computer (or perhaps, turning to a cracked version), you’d then have to work out the compatibility kinks associated with running an old game on modern hardware.

Fortunately, GOG has worked all of that out for you with help from a program called ScummVM… and the passionate work of programmers that spent eight years dissecting code from retail discs to create a digital version. Westwood lost the original game files years ago – worse yet, the company was shut down in 2003.

Now, interested parties can revisit Los Angeles circa 2019 or experience it for the first time. Blade Runner is currently going for just $8.99 over on GOG (originally $9.99).

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"In a digital format for first time"? So floppy discs and CDs were analog? SIGH. How about *downloadable* about that, tech writers??
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I think they mean downloadable and not on physical medium. Probably a poor choice of words, but I get what they meant. I still have the original medium.
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