Blank screen after boot up ... after new ram installation...

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Jan 11, 2008
  1. captaincranky

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    Well All Righty Then......

    Captaincranky: 32 bit XP really only needs 2 GB to run well.

    Tedster: Read the Guides.

    Blind Dragon: Run it with 3 sticks.

    Captaincranky: It won't recognize the 4 GB of Ram. Other than that, you can try putting in 2 512MB sticks instead of the extra 2 1GB DIMMs. At least that way it will run in dual channel. It would tell you if it's the four DIMMs or the 4 GB that's giving you the problem.

    You've been helped. It doesn't seem that any of the answers agree with what you think you want to hear.

    "4 Gigabyte Fever", will pass believe me I had it once.
  2. brianinlfc

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    Thank you, No one put it in the words like you did. Straight to the point. Great now I have a 1GB Ram lying around :\
    Thank you Captiancranky.
  3. lukeskywacko

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    I had same problem.

    I had same problem, and I could find no answer on the net, but I found the solution (for my problem) myself.

    After adding 2GB of RAM (total of 4GB), I changed boot.ini file by adding /PAE and /3GB switches. I never knew that it was going to cause any problem!
    Every time I launched Media Center, it would display only black screen, full screen or windowed. Live TV works just fine, but could not see the menu.

    I uninstalled and downloaded several versions of drivers for my graphics card (8600GT), and none helped. I finally thought may be these switches I added recently into boot.ini file have something to do with it, and while kinda skeptical, I removed these switches and tried Media Center, and wow it worked!

    So, if you are like me, added /PAE or /3Gb switches in boot.ini, try removing them and try again.

    Hopefully this also helps you.
  4. lukeskywacko

    lukeskywacko TS Rookie

    damn. I just realized that I just resurrected a year old thread.
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