Blu-ray facing slow adoption among PCs

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Aug 26, 2009
  1. SNGX1275

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    Yeh, the rub is that bluray doesn't look any better than hddvd, they just won by a powerplay with money. HDDVD of Planet Earth is going to look just as good as the BR one.

    So I don't think the real argument here is against how great it looks, I think the reason the slow adoption (as the headline we are replying to states) is that its too restrictive and too expensive.
  2. captaincranky

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    Double post very sorry!
  3. captaincranky

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    The only trouble with backing up to Blu-Ray is this; if you damage or lose one Blu-Ray disc, you lose 5 DVDs worth of material, a double layer BR disc, 10 DVDs.

    I have a certain disdain and uncertainty about magnetic storage but, the most cost effective solution to bulk storage, is HDD. Fill it up, pull it from the computer, put it back in the antistatic bag, and on to a safe place.
    The only way that Blu-Ray's 1080P would look better than say, 720P is if the source material were designed and produced for the format in the first place.

    You can take an audio recording from the 60s, "digitally remaster" it, then release it on CD. But guess what, it still sounds like it was recorded on a POS magnetic tape recorder from the sixties. Granted that you would not suffer the loses than were interjected by the vinyl record. So, it does sound better, but it surely doesn't sound like it was recorded yesterday either

    Blu-Ray is no difference in this respect, if the source sucks, then the disc will suck. Here again, I certainly don't need the expense of BR, to watch DVD transfers of 10 year or more old TV series. DVD will be fine, since all the studio is doing is upconverting the source material in the first place. My DVD player will do that for me, thank you very much, and at 20% of the cost.

    The most recent example of "source failure" I can come up with is, "Transformers, Revenge of The Fallen". I saw this in IMAX. Now, I'm pretty sure this movie was never shot in IMAX, just regular digital or film movie format. The net result from the transfer was unsharp, and suffering from vast amounts of rectilinear distortion at the edges of the screen. Micheal Bay seems to think vast amounts of motion blur will eliminate the need for vast amounts of quality digital animation work. He's wrong, so I'm really looking forward to the DVD of this movie, but not so much the Blu-ray.

    Stands to reason doesn't it, BLUR in 1080P is still BLUR.
  4. SNGX1275

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    Just for fun... Seinfeld on BluRay will look better than it did on TV originally. It was done on film, and they've rescanned the film for hd. That is why you see Seinfeld on TBS HD and it actually looks decent.
  5. captaincranky

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    Prime Example of "Source Failure"..........

    I absolutely loathe Seinfeld. They should have gotten somebody funny to write it, and somebody funny to play the part of Jerry Seinfeld, fired Jason Alexander, gotten Christopher LLoyd to play the dufus, since he was mostly ripping "Jim" from "Taxi" anyway. After which, they should have added a full frontal nudity scene of Julia Louis Dreyfus every other episode. (At least for the early years).

    So, in this case, I won't be out at 12:01 AM the Tuesday they release the entire box set of Seinfeld on Blu-Ray, for that matter, DVD or VHS either.

    I appreciate that you may be correct about the quality of the material, but really, DILLIGAF.

    This goes double ditto for "Friends". They should have tossed an Emmy or two at Jennifer Aniston's nipples, and cancelled that POS too!

    There are a myriad of TV transfers to DVD that have many faults, mostly poor definition, and gobs of noise in the shadows during low light scenes. "Seinfeld" seems like it would be no trick to transfer anyway, since most of it occurs on a fully lit sound stage.
  6. CBHD will take Blu-Ray out before there is any major inroads anywhere it already out sells it 3 to 1 in China the west is next!!
  7. bwchato

    bwchato TS Rookie

    i still use 3.5 floppy's and back up most important files on my pc with DVD'S.i'm not ready to give up either in the near future.i use the floppy's for the F6 when installing windows clean
  8. AtK SpAdE

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    I think its having some problems because to the average user, it just doesnt offer a benefit. The jump from VHS to DVD (as far as movies go) was a bit easier for most people to swallow. They are more reliable, smaller, and the introduction of chapters made things much more convenient.

    Blueray(gay) just doesn't jump out to most people as something worth it. And if the general population doesn't jump on, its going to be rough for any technology to mainstream.
  9. captaincranky

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    Blu-Ray is suffering from the fact that DVD is very, very good, especially if it's delivered upconverted via HDMI.

    While I'm sure Blu-Ray is a fair jump better than DVD, the increase in quality from VHS to DVD is so dramatic, that it almost gives you whiplash.
  10. mailpup

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    If Sony were to do that, it would certainly rile their "partners," those companies that supported Sony against the rival system. If they were undercut in that manner, they might have to stop making and selling Blu-Ray players and that would weaken the drive to wider Blu-Ray adoption.
  11. captaincranky

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    You gotta think here that Sony's business model normally doesn't take into account who they piss off, especially their customers.

    But, at this point they have a completely captive "audience". Suppose they got mad and formed an alliance against Sony. Since Sony is the licensing agent for Blu-Ray, they would need to offer a competing format. HD-DVD is as dead as a doornail, so another format would have to be created. Since you can't float Blu-Ray yet, and people got burned on HD-DVD, good luck trying to get anything going against Sony, at least for the time being. Just head back to your board room and say rude things about them. Curse your fate, as it were.
  12. mailpup

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    My point was more along the lines of simple economics rather than competing formats. If the other manufacturers who are now producing Blu-Ray hardware can't make a profit selling players because Sony decided to sell theirs at a loss, they would likely stop producing them. I don't think that would be a good thing for Blu-Ray as a whole and that wouldn't be good for Sony in the long run.
  13. Corwin613

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    I think part of the reason blu-ray isn't so popular is because unless you have a HD TV (which not everyone does as of yet) it is just a really expensive DVD player....

    Blu-ray players are now down to about 100 USD movies are about 25-30... still a bit to much for me to buy

    TechSpot Enthusiast Member since: May 2007, 407 posts

    Not as bad as some people think and it will only get better

    Current Pricing (Approximate)
    LG DVD Burner $140 <----- this the Blu Ray burner or just the DVD burner? cuz i bought a Lite on DL burner for under 50$ that I really like and have had no problems with it at all
  14. mailpup

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    It would be nice to know the model number of the LG but if that is an optical drive for a PC, then I'd say for that price that would be a BD combo drive, a Blu-Ray reader and DVD/CD burner.
  15. Corwin613

    Corwin613 TS Enthusiast Posts: 93

    Hmm yeah I would have to say your right on that one since the only Blu-ray burner ive seen is running around 200$ now (the cheapest that is)
  16. captaincranky

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    My, My, this thread has taken a strange turn,,(not that that's bad)...

    Blu-Ray burners at Newegg;

    And this price on a single layer write only disc; is just plain stupid. If you do the math 3 of these almost equals buying a hundred DVD blanks; ! Not to mention you can get free shipping on the DVDs from time to time.

    You wouldn't think the manufacturers would be stupid enough to agonize out loud, or even wonder why there's, "slow adoption".
  17. maddmatt02

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    for everyone complaining about Bluray prices, just go to amazon or ebay or something. I have just over 20 right now, when it was relatively new I was paying around 25-30 for a few, then went online and have gotten most for 10-15 online, which was cheaper than the same movie on DVD in the store, and I have gotten my last few new, for under 10 bucks.
    of course that doesnt beat best buys 3.99 and 4.99 dvd sales...
  18. Corwin613

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    its not the disc (movie) prices that everyone seems to be complaining about its the players

    But yeah the blank blu-ray media is a tad expensive like 10+ per disc
  19. gguerra

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    I meant BD Burner, my mistake which you could logically make that conclusion. I paid $25 for my DVD burners (Samsung) and they work excellent.

    Here is a link for the BD Burner
    I think this ones has expired but I see them all the time for around that price.

    As for blanks they are under $3 for 25GB

    and still a bit pricy for the 50gb DL
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