Blue Screen After install of Zone Alarm

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May 3, 2006
  1. I installed ZoneAlarm firewall and during the install it said that one part coudn't be installed completely because I wasn't administrator (however I was) and it continued installing and finished. Later that night I started to get the BSOD.

    The exact message was:
    *** STOP: 0x00000024(0x0019025E, 0xEB27EA50, FTFS_FILE_SYSTEM 0XEB27E6A8, 0xBFEA21F8, 0xBFEA21F8)
    *** BFEA21F8 base at BFE9700, Date stamp 42807cdd, -Ntfs.sys

    I was able to boot to safe mode, that's what I'm posting this in now. After finding this forum I've booted with my original W2K installl disk and went to "Repair a Windows 2000 installation Using Recovery Console" I've run 'chkdsk /R' on all my partitions, after running chkdsk twice there were no errors found on any of the partions. I then tried booting back into window but still got the BSOD.

    While in safe mode I did follow all the manual removal steps of uninstalling ZoneAlarm from my system and registry. I think my hard drive is not damaged since I can boot into safe mode with no problems and I've successfully run chkdsk /R on all my partions.

    I was going to post my minidump file but I have no minidump folder anywhere on my system? Since it's W2K I checked c:\winnt\ for the minidump folder but couldn't find it and the did a search of all my drive but still found nothing.

    Should I do the suggestion of the first post of this thread: How to: Repair Windows XP/2000 if you are unable to boot into Windows. ???

    At work I'm also running W2K pro and I could copy my "C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\ntfs.sys" file and try to replace the one on my home computer if that will help?

    I also read in a post about doing a 'fixboot' and 'fixmbr' from the Recovery Console, is that an option I need to try?

    I just want to get back to normal without having to reformat or loose any data.

    Thanks for any advice, I'd really appricate any help.
  2. Rik

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    I had the same problem, i just uninstalled zone alarm in safe mode and that fixed it.
  3. jreedar

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    I decided to do the 'Repair' option using my original install W2K disk and I chose the option to do the repair not using the 'Recovery Console', I used the other option where it does it for you. When that finished and rebooted my machine came back up to the desktop and after about 2 minutes got another BSOD but this time it referenced WIN32K.SYS. I then did the same proceduer again but first ran chkdsk on my c:\ from the recovery console I then got another BSOD which this time referenced NTOSKRNL.EXE. I then rebooted ran the repair on more time and it booted this time and has stayed up over night and I was able to move around with no problems in windows. I'm going to make back up DVDs of my data before I reboot but wanted to post where I am now in case anyone else had been throught this and had any information for anymore I needed to do?
  4. jreedar

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    I wanted to let everyone know doing the 'Repair' option from my original W2K install CD a few times fixed my BSODs and I'm working great again!

    This whole problem was becasue of a failed install of ZoneAlarm, it thought I wasn't Admin. durning the install but I was so somethings didn't get fully installed correctly. Any ideas what happened there and what I could do to enure it doesn't happen again? I'd like to start using ZoneAlarm but I don't want to go through those problems again or does anyone have a suggestion of a better firewall to use? I've been using Tiny personal firewall and I still am but it's pretty old and wanted to switch to something newer.
  5. Splitter

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    Well i had something similar when i upgraded to an AMD 64-bit cpu. I fixed it doing what you seem to have done however. I just booted into safemode, got rid of it and installed sygate.
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