Blue Screen - Beginning of Physical Memory Dump

By wharfrat11
Apr 12, 2008
  1. i have recently been working to fix my spyware issues per the thread link below.

    just when things were looking up through the help of Kritius, I began receiving constant error messages when I tried to open any program (notepad, dvd decryptor, wmp, flac converter, spybot, word, etc..). I would select ok and the program would open and work normally. I went to reboot my cpu to see if the problem continued or would stop, and had trouble shutting down. After holding the power button and rebooting, I now get the blue screen stating beginning of physical memory dump.

    The tech info states:

    ***Stop: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBF840845, 0xF77A1CD8, 0x00000000)

    ***win32k.sys - address BF840845 base address BF800000 Datestamp 47e0e106

    i'm stuck from there, cannot get windows to run. tried to reboot in safe mode, last successful settings, etc.. and everytime it goes straight to the blue screen. not sure if my previous issues are related or if it is pure dumb luck and these are two seperate issues? not sure where to from here. any ideas? thanks again for any suggestions.
  2. Matthew

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    Unless you're absolutely determined to work this/these issue/issues out, really, your best option in my opinion is to just reinstall Windows. You've already had an attempt at isolating your malware infestation and either that's still around or there is damage elsewhere. Spare yourself the hours (or days) of hunting and just back your data up, delete your partition and reinstall fresh.

    It's quick (compared to what you're attempting), virtually painless if you back your stuff up and some how it feels nice to delete Windows, even if it's only going to be reinstalled moments later ;).
  3. wharfrat11

    wharfrat11 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    how do i begin backing up the data from the hd when i cannot get it to boot. this is an area where i lack knowledge of what to do to save my data before reinstalling windows? any help is appreciated.
  4. Matthew

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    Well, what you should do first is make use of the search function here because this is a very common question :).

    If you have another storage device attached to your PC, download Knoppix , burn it as an image and boot off it. Then, after it loads (takes a little bit), you'll have a GUI with your storage devices on the desktop (I believe). Access the troubled HDD and just drag/drop your data from there to the other storage device.

    Another route to take, is to remove your HDD from the PC you're using and attach it as a Secondary/Slave device in another PC. Then, you can browse the troubled HDD's data within the comforts of the Windows GUI and you can just drag/drop your data onto the other PC's HDD.

    After you've backed your data up (which sounds more involved than it really is), just delete your Windows partition and reinstall completely.
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