Blue screen blues

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Sep 1, 2009
  1. here goes, process1_initialaztion_failed 0x0000006b (0xc0000034, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x00000000) is the blue error screen. os is xp home edition. i cant even boot in safe mode and i dont have the administrators pass word, can anyone give me an answer or advice? thank you in advance
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    Do I understand correctly that you cannot boot normally? Nor in safe mode?

    What SP are you running? XP Home SP1, SP2, or SP3?

    Who does have the admin pw? Does your account have admin privileges?
    What happens when you try to boot to safe mode?
    What were you doing when the error happened?

    Do you have Roxio's GoBack? or Norton SystemWorks?

    See if this MS article helps you.
  3. scorpionv

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    i believe i was down loading the latest version of explorer. when i boot in safe mode it goes back to the blue screen, i bought the pc from a friend but he does not remember the admin pass either, i think i may be up the creek with out a paddle on this one :haha: i have searched the web and i can find every error code but mine, i dont have the software you mentioned, looks like i will be spending cash to get it up and running
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  5. scorpionv

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    okay i will check out the links you sent and se if i can resolve this problem. i tried the option to repair but i dont have the admin password, if i have to i will just reinstall as a last ditch effort. once i follow your links i will contact you and let you know if i had sucess, thak you, your help is greatly appreciated:cool:
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