Blue screen of death while trying to install Windows Xp sp2 on a dell desktop

  1. Hi guys it's my first time posting in this site. I had a problem formatting a Dell desktop computer with processor speed of 2.99GHz HDD of 80GB and 512mb of Ram. The initial operating system was Windows xp service pack 2 so I wanted to still reinstall it with the same win xp sp2. During installation it shows set up is copying files, by the time it reaches the point of installing Windows a blue screen appears saying a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damages to your computer with error code*** stop 0X000000007B (0XF8982524, 0XC0000034, 0X000000000, 0X000000000. Don't know what to do can someone pls help me. Gone to the bios all I can see is drive configuration. There's no option to change from Sata to IDE TO ATA. Pls I need help
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    Please describe your system more specifically - manufacturer and model for system, motherboard and HDD. Have you downloaded service manual for system from Dell?

    Can you confirm BIOS is set properly for your current configuration?

    Stop code indicates difficulty with HDD. Can you obtain and run bootable CD for HDD testing utility from HDD manufacturer?

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