Blue screen of death...

By alwyzdreamin04
Nov 16, 2007
  1. I know people have posted about this, but I notice that the numbers in parentheses are different on everyone.

    Its the basic windows has shut down due to error. if this is the first time, restart your computer. All that jazz...heres the stop: 0x0000007e(0xc0000005, 0xf786a0bf, 0xf7cb6208, 0xf7cb5f08). Do the numbers in parentheses mean anything? If so, what?

    And heres the case, this is a new computer. I just built it and it has new parts in it. I was installing windows xp mainly to partition the drives. And got that message up there ^^^^. Anyone have any ideas?? oh nad at the bottom of the screen it says" pci.sys - address f786A0bf Base at f786300, date stamp 3c0bfabd. Any ideas???
  2. alwyzdreamin04

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    And heres whats in the computer....if that will help.

    Motherboard: MSI p4m900m2
    CPU: Intel C2D E4400
    Masscool CPU cooling fan
    Crucial 1 gb (667 mhz)
    geforce 7100gt video card
    Maxtor 120 gb hdd(sata)
    Pioneer DVDRW(SATA)
    Any ideas?
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    0x7e errors are often caused by defective hardware but driver or software conflicts can be the culprit as well. Even new parts can be faulty.


    In order to help you we need you to attach your minidumps to your next post.

    How to Find Your Minidumps:

    My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump files.

    * It is the files we need need, not the whole folder.

    * You'll see at the bottom of the reply screen Additional Options and under that "Manage Attachments"
  4. did you read my sticky at the top of the forum? it shows a website that helps troubleshoot stop errors. and yours is included.

    the stuff in the parentheses are just extra parameters. the thing you want to focus on is the 0x0000007 code. go to the website in my sticky and look up that error code. it will list some links that will help you troubleshoot this.

    for now i'll just make it easy for you and post the information found on the site. for future reference, you can refer to my sticky.

    Error Message:

    STOP: 0x00000007 (parameter, parameter, parameter, parameter) INVALID_SOFTWARE_INTERRUPT

    This is a Windows 2000 Executive character-mode STOP message. It indicates a level not within the software range.
    User Action:

    If this is the first time you have booted after installing new hardware, remove the hardware and boot again. Check the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List to verify that the hardware and its drivers are compatible with Windows 2000. For information about the hardware, contact the supplier. If you are installing Windows 2000 for the first time, check the Windows 2000 system requirements, including the amount of RAM and disk space required to load the operating system. Also, check the Hardware Compatibility List to verify that the system can run Windows 2000. If Windows 2000 is loaded and no new hardware has been installed, reboot with recovery options set to create a dump file. If the message continues to appear, select the Last Known Good option when you reboot. If there is no Last Known Good configuration, try using the Emergency Repair Disk. If you do not have an Emergency Repair Disk, contact your technical support group.
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