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Nov 2, 2008
  1. I recently installed Windows XP on my laptop, over an OEM install of Vista (I hated it). Whenever I'd click on the webcam icon, I'd get a blue screen. I reinstalled the drivers after I installed XP so I don't know what the problem could be. Any suggestions?
  2. almcneil

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    Perhaps you installed the wrong device driver for the webcam. I find it tricky trying to find the right drivers for these devices as they are poorly labeled and, logitech especially, makes you figure it out by matching pics. check the driver again.

    -- Andy
  3. kimsland

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    Have you then updated all Xp Drivers on your laptop?
    It would help greatly to know the Make and Model number of your laptop here

    Once the Xp laptop's drivers are confirmed up to date, you should have then updated to Service Pack 3 from Windows Update
    There are also some Security updates since SP3 was released, to complete

    Once these steps have been completed, you are then finally able to install the Xp Driver for your Webcam. It would help greatly to know the Make and Model number of your Webcam here

    Please confirm those steps were taken.
    And\Or reply back with more Specifications of your hardware
  4. almcneil

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    Actually, Kimsland made a good point. Although most device drivers are installed automatically when installing Windows on a laptop, you should check the Windows Updates web site to ensure they are current. I've had a number of customers where the default device driver required an update I discovered through the Windows Update web site. This is especially true now that SP3 for XP has come out.

    Check for updates for your device drivers!

    -- Andy
  5. kimsland

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    Please note

    You are advised to install any\all driver updates from the Manufactures support web site
    Do not use Windows update for your Driver updates (Security updates definately yes, but never driver updates)
  6. A_Gonzales_3

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    I think I found out part of the problem... I have to turn on the built-in webcam by using Fn+F10 everytime I want to use the camera. That partly solves the problem, although it would be nice if it turned on automatically each time I booted. I didn't have to do this in Vista though, and I don't know how to fix this.
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