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By bambamm89
Oct 2, 2007
  1. Okay, so I know there is a disk you can use for Windows XP Professional in order to delete the Administrator password . . . . Where can I find a download of this at? I want to get some files off an old computer before I reformat it. And yes people, I already tried google. I keep getting tons of programs that do absolutely nothing!
  2. Rick

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    I hate to say this, but first link in my first google search for "xp password reset":

    There was a floppy diskette I used to use. You'd boot up using hte XP install CD and press F6 for 'SCSI/RAID devices' near the beginning. It would load a program from the diskette and ask a couple of questions. Worked very well.. But I can't remember the name of it.

    And here's a random one that might work:
  3. bambamm89

    bambamm89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I tried the first one and it wasn't what I was looking for. And the second link is just crap. I need to be able to boot the computer from a jump drive. To delete the admin password. I dont want to reformat, or do anything else, just delete the admin password.
  4. Rick

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    Do these computers not have optical drives or floppy drives? Why have limited your search to USB-only methods?

    XP password utilites are VERY easy to find. One I used to use 'at the shop' was ERD Commander 2003. It's no longer available, but if you can find it, it works well. The only issue you might have with it though is it boots from a CD... It's not free though.

    I've been in a pinch a few times before and I've always gotten online and practically the first link I find is a working XP password reset utility. I'm sure you can do the same. :)
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