Borderlands 2 GPU & CPU Performance Test

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Sep 20, 2012
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  1. red1776

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  2. Sarcasm

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    Yeah It's a strangely coded game. For the most part it's efficient and runs well. But during the heaviest portions with tons of things going on at once, my fps will dip to 55fps. I checked GPU and CPU usage and neither are anywhere near 100% usage. This is on my 2600k 4.4ghz and GTX 680 1.211ghz. I'm guessing it has something to do with the PhysX engine. Otherwise though it's one helluva addicting game.
  3. Would like to see minimum frame rates with physx enabled. Can the Radeons really hang with Nvidia here? Average frame rates do not tell the full story. But if they can, it would really motivate Radeon owners to pickup the game.
  4. Why isnt there a single word on the fact that bl2 is just like bl1 a single core application? explains it all....
  5. technogiant

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    Think they edited the willow engine nvidia card guess is that off loads physx onto the cpu....the AMD card is not doing the physx calculations just displaying the additional effects.

    In fact that probably explains why there less of a performance impact on the AMD card than the Nvidia card.......the AMD card is just displaying the additional physx effects that are calculated on the cpu while the Nvidia cards are doing both the physx calculations and displaying the results.

    It's probably a good idea for those with capable cpu's and Nvidia cards to do the same thing, they will probably gain more frames per sec.
  6. technogiant

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    PS.......should be getting this game delivered in the next few days.....looking forward to testing it out...
    ......2700k @5.5Ghz should scale nicely......together with 2X GTX460 2gb versions in SLI @960MHz.....oooo.000h.
  7. LNCPapa

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    You'll also notice that some of the guys who have done this with ATI cards have noticed a much larger drop in performance during physics heavy scenes. This is all anecdotal though.
  8. technogiant

    technogiant TS Member Posts: 30   +14

    Yeah perhaps not such a good idea for Nvidia owners after all.

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