Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is the Epic Games Store's latest freebie


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Even if you never buy a single title on the Epic Games Store, it's always worth stopping by every week to see what the new free game is. More often than not, it's something reasonably high-quality that might just keep you entertained for a day or two.

This week's freebie will probably grip you for a bit longer than that, though: Epic is giving away Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (normally $60). With the Collection, you get both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, as well as all the expansions and DLC content released for both games.

Epic's timing with this giveaway couldn't be better. At the moment, the Epic Games Store is in the midst of its second annual Mega Sale, which offers steep discounts on a wide variety of games, including Borderlands 3. So, if you decide to grab the Handsome Collection and end up enjoying it, you can seamlessly move on to the third major entry in the franchise for just $20 (thanks to its existing 50 percent discount and the $10-off Epic Coupon).

All in all, paying $20 to experience almost the entire Borderlands collection isn't a bad deal. It's a shame that The Handsome Collection doesn't include the original game, but you can always snag its GOTY edition separately for $30 if you feel the urge.

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Free Borderlands 2 is a very nice gesture. I remember buying the original as soon as it came out. It was a decent playthrough with 3 other random people online, but I lost my taste for the game after that. Borderlands 2 is old. I'd like something newer.
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Honestly, not even worth it for solo players (as I found out). Too grindy, requiring you to do a lot of side quests to keep your level up.
A few levels below "recommended" and you're not killing anything quick, which was more annoying than it should've been when I had to get a kill to revive myself.

Loved the first one, liked #2, couldn't finish the pre-sequel (just before the end boss was impossible to beat because I was a few levels too low and didn't want to grind), and didn't even bother with #3.


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Prequel is only worth playing with friends - feels more like a DLC than a full game - it is only worth playing with friends as you need someone to be claptrap.
Best lines are with claptrap as one of the protagonists.
So Epic again flashing the Fortnite cash bribing gamers to use their platform - like the rich kid with no friends bribing people to come to a birthday party. Am I that shallow? Well yes but I don't have to like it :)

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I think is working whatever goal they have with this campaign. These games don't feel "free" anymore. They look amazing on ultra even to today's standards. Games like Assassin's Creed Syndicate, GTA 5, CIV 6 and now this? I know a beggar cannot be a chooser, but I would like to have two options (even though I would pick both), for example, pick 1 between two titles at once.

They've got some taste lately. I peruse this title has good story line and lot's of combat accompanied with good loot.

Man, I really love Assassin Creed's series, and if they would put Unity on there, I would be delighted :)

I put on hold these type of games and focus on never ending MP titles, and keep the SP for the good, perfect days.


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This is the 3rd AAA title in a row. Nice.

Sad to see egotists losing on their stand, but hey, to each his own.


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Tried Borderlands 2 multiple times and I just couldn't finish it. Shooting mechanics are debuffed as hell, there's standing innaccuracy at all times and it makes no sense.

In any case, I'm getting it and kudos to Epic Games which are on a tear with freebies. The library of games I have accumulated for free is great. The only thing I invested was some bandwith.

Epic also has Trackmania for free right now but you need to find it in the store to get it.


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I must say that the guys at Epic are great strategists.
They offered lower % cuts for all devs.
They offered even lower % cuts to those who use Unreal Engine (which is the industry standard).
They understood that gamers need to have reason to shift from Steam hegemony and thus started having exclusives.
The controversy that was generated made Epic popular and then they kept on offering free games to build library of gamers to tie them to their accounts.
Now, they are offering incredible games like Assassin's creed, Grand Theft Auto 5, Borderlands for free which paints them in a good light and generates massive hype and publicity.
Seriously, every tech news site is covering every free game offer by Epic now giving them huge popularity. Even the friends who weren't gamer were massaging me about GTA 5 and now all have Epic game launcher installed. That never happened before. Not even with Steam. And its not an small achievement. So credit where credit is due.