In brief: Epic's second annual Mega Sale is back with a vengeance. Just like last year, it's bringing fantastic discounts on a wide variety of games. It's set to run until June 11, giving you almost a month to grab dozens of great titles at up to 75 percent off.

Whether you love or hate the Epic Games Store, it'll be pretty tough to pass up some of these deals – especially since the latest Mega Sale is bringing back the Epic Coupon. The Epic Coupon, for those who don't know, is given to everyone who logs into the Epic Games Store and hits the "Claim" button on this page.

This coupon is good for $10 off any game (or add-on) priced $15 or higher. That's a nice freebie, but it gets better: as soon as successfully redeem the coupon, you'll get another, and then another. You can repeat this process as many times as you like; there's no upper limit. More importantly, you can use the coupon on games that are already discounted.

So, for example, if you want to grab Control – which is ordinarily $60 – you'd only be paying $20 in the end, due to both the Epic Coupon and its current 50 percent discount. Of course, your own funds and the number of games you have an interest in will restrict you somewhat.

You can examine the Mega Sale's deals yourself whenever you please, but we'll list off a couple more enticing ones here. For starters, Gearbox's latest chaos-infused shooter, Borderlands 3, is 50 percent off, bringing the price down to $30 (or $20 with an Epic Coupon).

The excellent city-building/strategy hybrid Anno 1800 can also be snagged for $30, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey will only run you $20 before coupon redemption. While it's not eligible for coupon savings, you might also consider snagging The Division 2, which is a whopping 67 percent off right now, bringing the total cost down to $9.89.

As we reported recently, Epic is also using the Sale festivities to give away free copies of Grand Theft Auto V's Premium Edition. If you haven't played the ridiculously-popular third-person shooter yet, now's a great time to give it a shot.